Five Ways to Cope with Your Kids Food Allergies

Do you know that almost 2 million children are food allergic? Do you know that your child is more prone to develop food allergy if one of his classmate is food allergic? The rate food allergy among children is increasing at a shocking rate. This would be an alarming statement for all the parents Am I right!!

Still most of the people don’t have sufficient knowledge about food allergies among children. Sometimes the allergic reactions are so severe that it can damage your brain in minutes. There is no treatment for allergies, prevention is the only cure. Strictly avoiding the problematic food is the best way to check severe allergic reaction.

Here are 5 simple tips which will help you to cope up with your kids food allergies:

  • Make your home Allergy-proof:

    Whenever you are doing food shopping make sure that you read the labels before buying the product. Even if you have bought that product many times before there are chances that the manufacturer has changed some ingredient without alarming. When you are stocking your kitchen assign a separate shelf for allergy free snacks for you child.

  • Buy allergy-free foods:

    There are number of companies which are specialized in allergy free food production. You all get a lot of variety like baking mixes, gumballs, popcorn, chocolates and ready made cookies and cakes. You can store your kids favorite treat so that he doesn’t feel deprived.

  • Inform your child’s school:

    It’s important for your kids school to know about his allergies. This would help you to manage his food allergies in a better way. You can even provide the school management with educational brochures which contains all the necessary information like the medications, precautionary methods, what is to done in case of emergency and your doctors contact number etc.

  • Teach them how to self-administer:

    When your child grows up, educate him about his food allergy. Make him learn how to take epinephrine him or herself. If the local regulation permits then permit them to carry self injectable epinephrine every time.

  • Write down your kid’s food allergies:

    If you are going out to eat its better that you carry a food allergy restaurant card with you. This would help you in informing your server that your child is food allergic in a simpler way. Even while traveling carry this card with you.

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