Scientists Discovered the Path to Block the Allergic Reactions

Japanese Scientists have identified an important molecule which is found to be active during the allergic reactions. According to the researchers if the molecule is blocked then the allergic reaction could be stopped.

Scientists have discovered the allergy causing molecule or STIM1 molecule. They found that once this molecule was removed from the body, the body is no longer prone to allergens. This research finding was published in the latest issue of

Nature Immunology



According to the Group Director of Laboratory for Lymphocyte Differentiation at RIKEN Research Centre for Allergy and Immunology, Tomohiro Kurosaki, “If we can block STIM1 function, then we can block allergic reactions because STIM1 is very important for inducing allergies.”

Sensitivity is different for every person but it is seen that few people are highly sensitive to common allergens like pollen and dust particles. Previous research studies show that allergens increase the amount of calcium in the mast cells. These mast cells are situated near the skin which triggers the allergic reaction causing rashes, itching, swelling and sneezing.

Tomohiro Kurosaki and his research team established that the presence of STIM1 molecule is important for the concentration of the calcium. They used specially bred mice in which STIM1 molecules were absent for their research study. They found that these mice were resistant to allergens which are known to cause severe allergic reactions.

The research team under Mr. Kurosaki with the help of these findings is working forward to develop therapies which can stop allergic reactions. Mr. Kurosaki said that “If we can block calcium increase then the subsequent allergic reactions can be blocked.”

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