Excessive Cleanliness May Make People Allergy Prone

Next time, when you will think about making your surroundings absolutely clean and germs free; just give your concept of cleanliness a second thought. Don’t frown at the notion and just hold on. There are some concrete reasons behind this advice.

Let’s Have A Look On What Researches Say

According to U.S researchers, modern style of living seems to be more likely to increase the threats of several allergies and the immune system diseases.

The research study states that various kind of allergies along with the immune-system diseases have actually doubled in the passing decades. Moreover, it is said that more than 50% of US population is suffering from various kinds of allergies.

Even though hay fever, asthma, eczema and food allergies appear to be quite different, but all of them are “allergic diseases”. These diseases are caused by the respond of the immune system towards the substances that are not supported by our body. The autoimmune diseases also caused by the malfunctioning of our body’s defense mechanisms.

Suspected Reasons Behind The Rise In Allergies

The most surprising thing is that the rise of allergies is apparently seen in the highly developed countries, as it is observed by the researchers. There is one theory that can explain this unusual rise of allergies. The theory is called hygiene hypothesis.

The theory states some of the suspected reasons for the allergies those are mentioned below.

  • The level of allergies increases at the cleaner homes.
  • People are exposed to different products and different environments.
  • The lives of people have become more antiseptic and germs free. As a dire consequence of that, the immune system of our body grows differently.
  • The immune system doesn’t find any germs and that’s why it directly attacks the food proteins that results into food allergies.
  • According to researchers, the parasitic worm diseases have a profound connection with setting up and maintaining the immune system.
  • The increased air pollution is also a major cause of allergies.
  • Frequent changes in eating habits and diets can also cause allergies.
  • Lack of exercise and obesity may play a significant role in increasing allergies.

What Does The Leading Theory Say?

The leading theory in this issue has gone further to explain the phenomenon. It basically is of the opinion that as more advanced medicine strikes back viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases.

Since long back these diseases have been afflicting humanity. So our immune systems may fall short to learn how to distinguish between benign invaders and real threats. Alternatively it can also happen that they are not very busy battling real threats and that’s why they turn on the body’s own tissues.

“Our immune systems are much less busy,” opined Jean-Francois Bach of the French Academy of Sciences, “and so have much more strong responses to much weaker stimuli, triggering allergies and autoimmune diseases.”

There are piles of evidence that support this theory. Often it is found that the kids grown up with pets or older siblings are generally less prone to build up allergies. This happens probably because those kids are exposed to more microbes.

But the strongest evidence actually comes from the research works done by comparing thousands of people who grew up on several farms in Europe.They used to live in less rural settings. The research studies suggest that the persons nurtured on farms are one-tenth as prone to develop allergic diseases such as hay fever and asthma.

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