Allergies Indicate The Oncoming of Asthma

According to Australian researchers, the kids who suffer from allergies are potentially more prone to widen the scope of asthma attacks than other tots.

The specialists in Melbourne have found that the allergies can be properly identified by the skin prick tests. The toddlers with the rash conditions are generally most susceptible in building up the breathing complications.

Check, What the Researches Reveal

The researchers also suggested that the kids are also more vulnerable to develop hayfever also. The possibility increases if the kid is tested positive for a food allergy, suggested the lead researcher Adrian Lowe, from the University of Melbourne’s school of population health.

“There has been much discussion about the links between eczema and other allergic diseases such as asthma, but this study is the first to clearly demonstrate that among children with eczema there are certain groups who are at much higher risk,” Mr Lowe said.

According to him, the findings have been published in the international journal Clinical and Experimental Allergy, illustrated that the skin prick test can have advantages for the further supervision of childhood allergies.

“By identifying high risk children, we can explore ways of avoiding potential allergens that could exacerbate their condition,” the researcher said. However, Mr Lowe also asserted that a little percentage of kids has been tested positive for allergy. The results of the state also suggest that this test can throw more light on the connection between several allergic diseases and asthma.


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