Children Can Be Taught To Deal With Milk Allergies

The kids who have the life threatening allergy to cow-milk can be taught to bear with the milk through a well orchestrated and supervised program in which they can sample milk in increasingly higher doses, as it is suggested by the researchers.

Check Out What The Research Reveals

After one year of training, it has been found that more than one third of kids with milk allergies; become absolutely tolerant to the cow-milk. Moreover, half of the kids become able to endure with limited amounts of milk. This fact has been reported by the group of researchers and published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

“Desensitization can be achieved in a significant percentage of children with very severe allergic reactions,” says Egidio Barbi from Burlo Garofolo University of Trieste.

Basically, the present ways to deal with the food allergies in kids; such as avoiding the food entirely or taking epinephrine auto-injectors to arrest an allergic reaction; are actually  effective for sometimes. These things can leave a side effect that can affect the quality of life.

How The Investigation Done?

The researchers examined the effectiveness and safety of desensitizing the kids who have a history of severe allergic reactions for cow-milk.

Their strategy includes two phases. During the first phase, the kids spent ten days in the hospital. There they have been fed with the drops of diluted milk in growing doses and the milk has been concentrated more with the every passing day.

During the second phase, the kids are instructed to follow the same protocol at home. All of the parents have been provided with the instructions accordingly.

After one year, 11 kids among the 30 kids actually become able to endure the cow-milk and other dairy products without any fear and restrictions. Rests of them have become able to deal with limited amounts of cow-milk, resulting in a “striking improvement in quality of life,” the investigators observed.

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