Kids Suffering from Pediatric Allergies

According to a recent research study, allergies are not only responsible for making kids out of sorts but equally potential to disturb their sleep.

As the survey of hundreds of doctors and parents, it has been found that spring is the season that is the worst for allergies. This survey has been subsidized by Sepracor Inc, U.S. marketing partner of Denmark-based Nycomed Co. it is seen that some kids are having severe allergic symptoms that impede in their sleep and other regular activities.

How Do the Allergies Interfere?

Significantly, 29% of parents of those kids suffering from several allergic reactions said that their kids suffer mostly from a lack of sleep.

“We have known anecdotally that children are affected by allergy symptoms similarly to adults, but Pediatric Allergies in America offers the first data quantifying the scope of how allergies interrupt a child’s productivity, sleep cycle and daily functioning,” said Dr.
Jay Portnoy, president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

40% of the parents are concerned about their kid’s nasal allergies that leave a deep impact on the school performance of the kids, compared to 10 % of those parents whose kids don’t have the allergies.

Approximately half of the kids take prescribed medications for the allergic reactions, but nearly 57 % of parents said that they have changed the medicines frequently because they don’t appear to be much effective, as the reports say.

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