Allergies May Cause an Emotional Break Down

Whenever we hear about allergies, immediately we tend to think about some typical symptoms of allergies like watery eyes sneezing and itching. But very few of us know that allergies can have more to do rather than making you physically ill. Allergies are potential enough to affect you emotionally.

Actually an allergen can be responsible for depression, anxiety and emotional causes. It is widely believed that what we feel psychologically certainly leaves some impact on our central nervous system and our immune system.

Check Out How Allergies Are Associated With Emotions

Earlier it was believed that emotional cause of the allergic reactions may be compared as a type of phobia of the immune system. Basically, intolerances and allergic reactions are capable enough to cause serious life changes, trauma and stress that can be both physical and emotional.

Actually, these allergic reactions can occur during a trauma or a highly emotional condition and at the same time if the affected person gets exposed to the particular kind of foods chemicals and substance, then it can become severe.

Moreover, highly emotional and traumatic events suppress the immune system at that point of time. Basically, the time we experience a traumatic situation, it becomes associated with the sights, smells, tastes, sounds and textures. These things are present in the brain and eventually those become a part of memory.

Along with this connection the brain is literally forced to look at those particular smells, tastes and other things as a threat. So for these reasons of the mistaken threats, the brain protects the body by imitating an allergy like situation for restricting from having that particular exposure.

That is why, some of the allergy experts suggest that often it is seen that address the emotional cause is enough to clear the allergic conditions.

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