Main Reasons of Allergic Rhinitis

If you feel that your nasal passages are highly irritated as well as inflamed, and along with those symptoms if you are experiencing watery nasal discharge with itchy eyes and nose then you are caught by allergic rhinitis for sure.

Allergic rhinitis is a very common among allergic reactions 20% of the total population can be affected by this reaction. Often the reactions are seen immediately after the exposure to the potential allergens including dust, dander of animals and certain seasonal pollens. Generally the symptoms are found to occur in the eyes and nose.

Usually, it is seen that two-thirds of the patients suffer from the acute allergic rhinitis before they reach the age of 30, but the inception may occur at any age group.

Major Causes of Allergic Rhinitis

There are several reasons that cause allergic rhinitis but there are some major causes which are mainly responsible. Below few important causes are mentioned.

  • The main reason of any kind of allergic reaction including allergic rhinitis generally takes place when your immune system reacts somewhat unusually with the potential allergens. When these potential allergens try to intrude in your body immediately your body denies the access that causes the allergic reactions.
  • If allergic reaction occurs in the nose then it can lead in releasing certain chemicals. One of those chemicals, called histamine, causes skin redness, expansion of blood vessels and swollen membranes. These reactions cause the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.
  • Most commonly, some of the allergens like pet dander and dust mites cause these allergic reactions.
  • Another major cause is pollen grains. Generally, one plant is able to release 1 million pollen grains per day. Apart from plants some grasses and trees are also capable of releasing pollen grain that can also cause allergic symptoms.
  • Mold spores are also potential enough to cause allergic rhinitis.

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