Taking Aspirin Daily Can Cut Down The Risk of Asthma

Earlier the research studies confirmed that aspirin is effective to men suffering from asthma but one recent study, published in British journal Thorax, has demonstrated that aspirin can minimize the risk of asthma in women also.

Research Study on Aspirin & Asthma

After the success of the previous study that has been done on men, the researchers from  Columbia  and Harvard University randomly collected  samples of around 40,000 females to have a thorough check about aspirin effect on women. This study mainly focused on aspirin as well as vitamin E.

The research study has been designed in such a way where the women have been divided in two groups, one group took aspirin and another one took placebo. After the observation of 10 years, researchers monitored the condition of those participants who have never suffered from asthma and allergies when the study kicked off.

The Findings of the Research Study

The findings of the study stated that the women taking aspirin are 10% lower among those diagnosed with asthma than that group taking placebo. 872 women in the aspirin takers group and 963 women in place taking group have been diagnosed with asthma among the 37,270 women.

Moreover, the main finding detained even after regulating for probable confounding factors including age, exercise levels, menopausal status and smoking. Additionally, the researchers also found that some vitamin E supplements did not influence the conclusions regarding asthma.

Some Important Points to Note

Below are some important factors that you need to take care of and consider them seriously.

  • Aspiring was not able to minimize the risk of asthma in obese women.
  • The women, who have been suffering from asthma previously, could have worse results after using aspirin and this happens for 10% cases.

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