Combat Spring Allergies with Five Amazing Ways

Most of us have heard about some standard suggestions like consulting a doctor is a must to fight seasonal allergies, taking antihistamine, avoiding allergens by staying inside and many more.

There is no doubt that all of them are very good advices but even then you may try some other savvy ways that can help in alleviating allergy symptoms as well improve your health altogether.

Few Effective Ways to Fight Spring Allergies

Here are some top strategies that you can take to fight spring allergies.

  • According to research study, indoor air pollution can go up to 10 times greater than the outer pollution. Since you spend your maximum time at your home, so you need to clean up those places including carpet, damp areas, bedding and air filters, where allergens can congregate easily.
  • You also need to take the right food to battle inflammation inside your body. You need to take foods those are rich in antioxidants like fruits, vegetables, nuts, green tea and seeds. But this suggestion is not for an individual who is having any particular food allergy.
  • Being obese and overweight can be very dangerous while you are suffering from asthma and allergies. So workout to lose some extra pounds from your body and alleviate your allergy symptoms.
  • You need to reduce your stress factors as more as possible. Stress is enough potential to damage your immune system that can maximizes the chances of allergic reactions.
  • You need to take four substances regularly that can be paired with antihistamine. The four things include a mineral and multivitamin supplement, cup of peppermint tea every night before bed, some herbal supplements like dried ivy leaf and a daily dose of echinacea taken two weeks on, two weeks off.

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