Living In Farm during Pregnancy Can Save Baby from Allergies

Causes-of-High-Blood-Sugar-During-PregnancyIf you have conceived recently and are expecting your baby to be hale and hearty, then your first desire is certainly to protect your baby from the troublesome allergic reactions and life threatening asthma.

Findings of Research Study

Below are the findings of the research study.

  • In recent times some researchers in Germany have studied 18 farming mother as well as 59 non-farming mothers. The study revealed that exposure to farms actually affects a baby’s T regulatory cells.
  • These cells are presently believed to suppress immune responses. In this way, it maintains the immune system homeostasis as well as contributes to the healthy development of the immune system.
  • The study suggests that the expression of T regulatory cells and the other associated genes are found to be considerably higher in blood that is drawn from the umbilical cords of the babies whose mothers spent a long time in a farm during pregnancy.

Check Out What Expert Says

To make you understand the case well, we have provided with the expert opinion.

  • We found that the babies of mothers exposed to farms have more and better functioning regulatory T cells, Bianca Schaub, M.D., lead researcher at University Children Hospital in Munich, Germany.
  • The effect was strongest among those mothers who entered barns or drank farm milk, he added.
  • These findings of the study support the budge away from attributing allergic diseases solely to the imbalance between pro-allergic Th2 cells and anti-allergic Th1 cells. It is likely that T regulatory cells can prevent an allergic reaction in its early stages by suppressing Th2 cells, as it is explained by Dr. Schaub.
  • It is a long way off, but these findings may one day hopefully help researchers to develop an effective preventive strategy, perhaps even a vaccine, against allergies diseases, Dr. Schaub said.

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