Sunburn Treatment

Sunburn is the redness and soreness that results in itching, and often leaves a blistering effect. This is caused by excessive exposure to the sun. People, having very light skin are at a greater risk for sunburn.
Being in the sun near snow, sand, water, and cement increases your chance of getting burned. You can also get sunburns on cloudy days, because 80 percent of the sunrays actually penetrate through the clouds. Higher altitudes and winds also maximize the risk of sunburn.
Ultraviolet rays that come out from the sun are damaging to the skin. A long time of sun exposure may cause premature aging, wrinkles, roughness, “age” or “liver” spots, and widened blood vessels. It is also potential to increase the risk for skin cancer.

Symptoms for Sunburn

Sunburn itch can have the symptoms mentioned below. The following symptoms of sunburns are such symptoms that require a medical attention.

  • Skin inflammation
  • Redness
  • Dehydration
  • Severe itching in the eyes and skin
  • Skin rashes
  • Sickness
  • Vomiting tendency

Treatment forĀ Sunburn

In spite of the fact that sun is a very good source of Vitamin D that keeps you active and healthy, you should always keep in mind that excess sun exposure along with ultraviolet rays are actually harmful. They can potentially cause wrinkles as well as some other skin problems.

  • You need to develop a formula of daily cleansing of the skin using any natural face wash or any mild soap.
  • You can also use some natural sun screen and sun protective cream along with sunglasses when you are going out in the sun.
  • Any kind of harsh soap, excessive outing as well as swimming may cause sunburn. So try to avoid excessive sun exposure.
  • You should not scrub your face terribly.
  • You need to use natural lotions and soaps.
  • Never apply any kind of oily lotions or milk cream to the affected area as it actually leads to more pigmentation as well as damage to your skin.
  • You need to drink at least one-two liter of water daily. Water actually keeps the skin moisturized, flush out toxins and acts as a very good substitute of that fluid which is lost by the excessive sun exposure.

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