Stressful Pregnancy Leads To Allergic Babies

Pregnancy is a very crucial phase for both the mother and child. A stressful pregnancy according to researches is said to be very harmful for the fetus.

Highly emotional conditions tend to aggravate high hormonal tendencies in the pregnant mother, which in turn affects the brain or the immune system of the fetus.

Several studies have also claimed that stressful pregnancies lead to babies suffering from asthma or some form of allergy.

When faced with stress, the cortisol levels in the body increase to a great extent, this in turn affects the baby blood, therefore leading to a weak immune system.

“Moms who had elevated levels of stress had children who seemed to be more reactive to allergens, even when exposed to low levels of allergens,” said study co-author Dr. Rosalind Wright, an assistant professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston

Also, babies, whose mothers experienced stressful situations during pregnancy are said to have high IgE – an antibody involved in asthmatic and allergic reactions. Wright pointed out that elevated IgE is “suggestive” of an increased risk of developing asthma and allergy later in life.

It is therefore very essential that expectant mothers, irrespective of situations around keep themselves cool.

Also, caretakers of pregnant women should see to it that these women are not exposed to stressful and negatively emotional situations.

A happy and a stress free pregnancy will indeed lead to a healthy baby. Therefore every care should be taken to ensure a safe and smooth pregnancy from Allergic Babies.

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