Spring Season Very Bad For The Allergic Prone

Weather plays a very important role in determining one reactions to allergic substances. That is because the presence of pollen grains in the atmosphere depends on the season and climate around.

The spring is the most beautiful time of the year, when the flowers are in full bloom, the air is filled with the sweet chirpings of the birds and the sun is at its best. However, this season according to researchers is considered to be very bad for allergic sufferers. With flowers in full bloom, pollen grains are widely spread in the air, and this factor triggers of allergic reactions in many people.

Maple and Birch Trees produce a lot of pollen before the spring season, and this addition is further increased later by the oak tress and grass, which continue to contribute to the pollen production during spring.

Steps One Can Take To Deal With This Season

One can definitely not control the climate. However, one can definitely take precautionary measures to help ease their suffering. Spring is a lovely time and allergic suffers, like the others can have a lovely time if you keep the following points in mind.

1): Avoid stepping out of the house on windy days, especially those who are most allergic to pollen grains. It is on these days that the pollen grains are highly scattered in the air.

2): Run a dehumidifier in your house everyday in order to curb any existence of moulds, which trigger off allergic reactions.

3): Use the air conditioner as often as you can, cause opening your doors for fresh air unfortunately would mean inviting lots of pollen, which could trigger of allergic reactions like watery eyes, running nose etc.

4): Grass pollinates around 6-10 a.m. So make sure you engage yourselves in any out door activities after this time frame.

Keep these points in mind and have a safe and pleasant springtime

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