5 Ways Of Having A Non Allergic Stay At A Hotel

Non AllergicThis Article describes about 5 Ways Of Having A Non Allergic Stay At A Hotel

Is your allergic prone tendency preventing you from going out and enjoying a holiday?

Well, you have really decided and made up your mind to go on a holiday and have come up with the necessary precautionary measures to fight allergy while on the road.

But what about your place of stay? Have you thought about it? What if the hotel at which you are staying is a rich source of allergic reactions- hotel carpeting, dust mites, mattresses.

What can you do about it?


enquire and make sure that the hotel that you are going to stay in has a flexible pet policy and request a room that is pet free.


ask for a room which is dry and sunny and away from the pool.


carry your own dust free pillow covers and bed sheets which can use while sleeping.


make sure you have a air conditioner in your room. Use it as much as possible of it, avoid opening the windows. If possible request the hotel staff to change the air filter of air conditioner before you arrive.

Last but not the least

avoid using the hotel’s closet or drawers as they are great breeding places of mould spores.

Keep these points in mind and have a happy stay.

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