C-section Babies More Prone To Allergic Reactions

Teams of scientists from the University of California at San Francisco have come up with a research study that babies who are born through the Caesarian section are more prone to develop allergic reactions or asthma later in life, in comparison to babies who are born vaginally.

Cells from the umbilical cord of 50 babies delivered vaginally and 68 babies delivered by C-Section were observed and studied. Each of these babies had a parent who suffered from a form of allergic reaction.

It was observed that the immune system of the C-Section babies was weaker in comparison to the babies delivered vaginally.

The reason quoted for this cause is that vaginally delivered babies are exposed to stress at the time of delivery, this further causes them to be exposed to important bacteria, which in turn activates the immune system immediately.

The C-Section babies however, are not exposed to any such stress, and their immune systems are left unaffected.

Hormonal reactions in the baby at the time of delivery when exposed to stress plays a important role in determining the functioning of the immune system.

Research work still continues in this area and further study is being conducted to explore this field.

However, till then all those who have been delivered normally can rejoice and cheer themselves for being blessed with a strong immune system.

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