Washing Clothes The Right Way Helps Get Rid Of Allergens

The temperature at which you wash your clothes, to a greatly determines the extent to which you can get rid of dust mites and allergens.

According to several researches, laundry when washed at a higher temperature i.e. 140 degrees Fahrenheit or higher or 60 ºC helps kill dust mites, when compared to washing laundry at 104 degrees Fahrenheit or luke warm water.

Hot water not just helps calm and soothe our bodies but is also very beneficial when it comes to washing clothes. Washing clothes in hot water helps in removing dog dander and pollen.

Not just hot water even cold water proves to be very effective in removing allergens from the clothes.

Washing clothes at a lower between 86-104° F, and 30-40 ºC, and then rinsing the laundry in cold water for a brief time of three minutes each, helps get rid of allergens. You can resort to this way of cleaning if your delicate laundry cannot take the heat.

So if you want to get rid of allergens from your clothes make sure you wash them in very hot water . If washing in hot water is not possible, resort to washing them in very cold water.

This is one of the best ways of getting rid of allergens.

Studies conducted show that even steam cleaning of sheets is as effective as washing sheets in hot water.

Wash your sheets keeping the above points in mind and get rid of allergens.

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