Road Pollution Aggravates Allergies In Children

Allergies In ChildrenLiving in an urban society, very close to the main road is considered to be a big boon. It means easy access to the road and also all the local facilities.

However, researchers claim that living close to the road aggravates the risk of allergies in children.

The various pollutants, chemicals, smog particles and toxic aerosols negatively impair the functioning of our lungs.

Researches conducted by various experts have proved this health statement.

The exposure to smoke emitted by these vehicles causes the body to produce an allergy antibody -IgE that attaches itself to allergens-pollens and dander.

The IgE is a key trigger of allergic reactions. That is why one immediately reacts with watery eyes, sneezes, and rashes etc in the presence of allergens.

It is therefore very important that one takes up a house at a distance away from the road. If that is not possible one can try and reduce the impact of allergens at home by

  • Keeping indoor plants.
  • Avoiding burning wood at home.
  • Also avoiding smoking at home.
  • Do not open the windows for air as all you will get is polluted air, instead resort to using the air conditioner often.

These factors will greatly help in minimizing the effects of pollution.

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