No Connection between Soy Milk and Peanut Allergies in Kids

Australians have dispelled the fact that soy milk or soy products can cause peanut allergies in children. Jennifer Koplin, a student and scientist at the Melbourne University did a follow-up on about 690 children who were already a part of the Atopy Cohort Study in the early 1990s. On examining further for allergic developments, the young scientist confirmed that drinking cow’s milk or soy milk did not lead to peanut allergies in kids.

This confirmation comes against an earlier study conducted in 2003 which confirmed that soy milk does trigger peanut allergies in children. Peanut allergy is said to result in a life-threatening allergic reaction called the anaphylaxis.

Experts explain that the connection between soy milk and peanut allergy is simply by fluke. Australians scientists emphasize that parents whose kids are already at an increased risk of developing peanut allergy whether on account of a personal or family history of allergy towards cow’s milk tend to feed their kids with soy milk instead.

Soy milk is no more a reason to fear allergies in kids. Jennifer is now involved in yet another interesting study that deals with peanut allergies. The scientist is going to speculate the reasons why peanut allergies occur after all, why some are targeted and why others are not, does the diet timing have anything to do with peanut allergy or is there any link between the occurrences of allergies with the age at which either peanuts or eggs are consumed.

Her future efforts are also stretching the mile with the need to investigate environmental factors like smoking parents, kids exposed to other siblings and/or pets, birth conditions, etc.

Peanut allergy leads to fatal allergic reactions affecting nearly 1 in 100 kids with the rate increasing by every minute in the past 30 years.

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