Are Allergies Related to Daily Bath?

Taking a bath daily may help you to be hygienic and protected from harmful organizations. However, a new study by researchers at Duke University gives the reason why people in industrialized countries (where hygiene is more important) have more allergies than people in less developing countries (where hygiene is not critical.)

Research at Duke University:

The researchers at Duke Universities conducted an experiment on wild rats, which were exposed to natural environment and laboratory rats which were sheltered and protected. The wild rats had higher amount of antibodies and were resistant to allergies. The laboratory rats were easily prone to allergies.

How hygienic environments are related to allergies?

If a person is not exposed to the harmless microorganisms (such as pollen) in his daily life, the immune system overreacts to the microorganism and causes allergies. If a person is exposed to the natural environment on a daily basis, he/she may be less prone to allergies because the body gets used to the allergens.

Hygiene hypothesis explains the reason for the rise in allergies in the developed world, where hygiene is stressed upon and maintained. According to hygiene hypothesis, people living in hygienic conditions have higher rates of allergies as they have not been exposed to the harmless microorganisms.

Exposure to plant particles and harmless microorganisms in childhood may prevent the immune system from overreacting and causing allergies. Researchers are examining different factors that may cause allergies in developed countries such as diet. However, it would be better to stay hygienic and safe from life-threatening microorganisms than to change your hygienic lifestyle.

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