Are Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Good for Allergies?

Bagless vacuum cleaners have many benefits over normal vacuum cleaners. The bags in the vacuum cleaner do not have to be changed. Also, there is no need for changing the filter. However, bagless vacuum cleaners may not be suitable for people with asthma and allergy.

Why they are not suitable?

The following are the reasons bagless vacuum cleaners may not be  suitable for persons with allergy and asthma:

  • Emptying the dust:

    In a normal vacuum cleaner, the dust is collected in a bag. The bags are to be disposed and replaced regularly. However, the bagless vacuum cleaner collects the dust into a dirt bin. You are supposed to empty the dirt bin into a wastebasket manually. While emptying the dirt bin, the dust may spread and scatter instead of emptying neatly into the wastebasket. This may trigger an allergy

  • Cleaning the dirt bin:

    The dirt bin of a bagless vacuum cleaner needs to be washed manually to remove the dirt and dust. Washing the dirt is again not suitable for a person with asthma and allergies

  • Filter:

    Filters prevent the dust in the vacuum cleaner from reentering outside. If the filter of bagless vacuum cleaner is not of good quality, it can get clogged up with dust. This will reduce the ability of suction of the vacuum cleaner

The importance of Cyclonic Technology:

Cyclonic technology (used in bagless vacuum cleaners) enables the vacuum cleaner to suck dust even if the dirt bin is full. If the bagless vacuum cleaner does not employ cyclonic technology, the vacuum cleaner will not be able to collect dust once the dirt bin is full.

While shopping for a vacuum cleaner it is important to know about the features of the vacuum cleaner. It is better to buy bagless vacuum cleaners of good quality, such as Dyson. However, it is much better to avoid a bagless vacuum cleaner if you have allergies or asthma.

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