Ways to Cope with Autumn Allergies

Tree Pollen AllergyMost people are prepared for springtime allergies. However, they may neglect the allergies autumn brings with it. Autumn can aggravate two major allergies such as dust mite allergy and mold allergy.

Dust mite allergy:

Dust mites are microscopic creatures which survive eating flakes of dead skin. They live in mattresses, carpets, furniture, bedding and places where they can feed on dead skin.  Dust mites multiply in warm and humid environments. Dust mites themselves are not a problem, but their feces, shells, and their corpses produce allergy causing proteins. Washing the bed sheets and pillow cases regularly in hot water can decrease the dust mites.

Mold allergy:

Mold is a type of fungus which breaks down the dead plant, animal matter and returns the nutrients to the earth. Molds grow in moisture and spread through spores. Spores are lightweight, tiny and can travel through air. People who have mold allergy are affected when they are exposed to mold spores. Keeping the house free from moisture is an effective way to prevent mold allergies.

Tips to Cope with Autumn Allergies:

Here are some tips to cope with autumn allergies:

  • Vacuum regularly:

    Vacuum your house using a HEPA filter enabled vacuum cleaner. While vacuuming, it is better to use a mask to prevent the dust from affecting you. Vacuuming regularly will keep the house clean and reduce molds and dust mites

  • Remove clutter:

    Having lots of stuff lying around makes cleaning harder and promotes the growth of molds and dust mites. Take steps to reduce the clutter by organizing books, paperwork etc. to keep the house dust free

  • Use a dehumidifier:

    Molds and dust mites tend to grow in a humid environment. Use a dehumidifier and keep the humidity level in the house below 55%. By removing excess moisture and humidity, you will be able to control the allergies caused due to molds and dust mites

  • Change air filters:

    Dust mites and spores of molds can become airborne and cause allergies. Changing the air filters once a month during autumn makes the filters more effective.  The air will be clean and you can keep your house free from dust mites and molds

Over-the-counter medicines such as anti-inflammatory nose sprays or antihistamines are effective in dealing with allergies during autumn. If the symptoms persist, consulting your doctor is the best way. However, taking proper steps to prevent allergies before the autumn is the best way to deal with autumn allergies.

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