Can Vaccine allergy Children be Safely Vaccinated?

vaccine allergyVaccines prevent infections such as measles, mumps and whooping cough. However, vaccines can cause an allergic reaction in some children. Researchers at John Hopkin Children Center say that with close monitoring and standard precautions most of the vaccine-allergic children can be safely vaccinated.

Vaccine allergy is rare in children, about one or two in a million vaccinations. However, it is important to know if your child is allergic to vaccines and prevent an allergic reaction.

How to recognize if your child is allergic to vaccines?

The following tests conducted by an allergist, can help you recognize if your child is allergic to vaccines:

  • Skin prick test:

    A small dose of vaccine or allergen is injected or pricked under the skin to see if the child shows a reaction to the vaccine

  • Blood test:

    The blood is tested for antibodies developed against specific allergens such as egg proteins or gelatin, used in most vaccines

How to ensure your child is vaccinated safely?

If your child is allergic to vaccines, here are the ways to ensure your child is vaccinated safely:

  • Alternative form of vaccines:

    If your child is allergic to a vaccine, alternative form of vaccine that is free of allergens can be used to vaccinate the child

  • Anti-allergy medications:

    Anti-allergy medications such as antihistamines and corticosteroids given before the vaccination can prevent or lessen the allergic reaction

  • Medical Supervision:

    Vaccinations should be done under medical supervision, at a clinic which is equipped to treat allergic reactions. When an allergic reaction occurs, the pediatrician should be able to immediately recognize and treat the allergic reaction

The research team from John Hopkin Children Center has developed a step-by-step tool to identify children with vaccine allergies. It has also developed a guide for pediatricians to safely vaccinate vaccine-allergic children.

As vaccines prevent most infections, it is very important that your child gets vaccinated. Medical supervision and close monitoring will help you to ensure your child is vaccinated safely.

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