What to Consider while Choosing Alternative Medicine?

What is Alternative Medicine?

An alternative medicine is an alternative approach for treating illness or diseases. These treatments do not have enough scientific evidence to prove that they work. Many people turn to alternative treatment for allergies and asthma. Some of the alternative treatments available are:

  • Acupuncture
  • Ayurvedic medicine
  • Chiropractic Spinal manipulation
  • Herbal medicine, vitamin supplements
  • Lifestyle changes, diet, yoga
  • Laser therapy
  • Massage
  • Hypnosis

These treatments do not belong to the usual medical approaches followed by the doctors. Hence, these treatments are known as alternative medical practices.

What to Consider while Choosing Alternative Medicine?

Here are the following things to consider while choosing alternative medicine:

  • Consult your doctor:

    If you want to follow alternative medicine for allergies or asthma, speak with your doctor about it. Your doctor would be able to decide if the particular alternative treatment is safe for you

  • Do not substitute:

    Do not substitute alternative medicine with normal allergy treatment. Alternative approach should be followed in addition to the normal allergy management plan. Your doctor may suggest you ways to integrate alternative medical treatment into your normal allergy management plan

  • Quality of product:

    Ensure that the alternative medicine or the service you choose is of good quality. Research the product before using it. The people treating you with alternative medicine should also be certified health professionals

  • Health insurance coverage:

    Many health plans provide coverage for only some alternative therapies. Check with your insurance provider if the coverage is provided for the alternative medicine you choose

  • Read the Labels:

    Make sure the products you would be using are properly labeled. Products imported from other countries may not be properly labeled and may contain unnamed medicines such as steroids, sedatives etc. which may be harmful. Also read the labels to ensure they do not contain the ingredients to which you are allergic to

  • Follow the directions:

    Always follow the recommended directions while using the alternative medicinal products. Increasing the dosage, using herbs in combination etc. should not be done

About 40% of Americans try some form of alternative medicines, according to statistics Medical and scientific experts opine that some alternative medicine may be helpful in relieving symptoms in some individuals. However, before opting for the alternative medicine, researching about it and consulting your doctor would keep you safe.

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