Allergen Block: New Invention to Combat Seasonal Allergies!

A water-based gel named Allergen Block may be a new solution for those suffering from allergies due to airborne allergens. This product was invented by Ashok Wahi, an engineer from New Jersey. This product can be used to prevent allergies caused due to pollen, mold and pet dander.

How does it Work?

Allergen Block is a clear, odorless gel which is to be applied on the outer nose and upper lip. After you apply this product, if you encounter allergens such as pollen or mold, this gel attracts these allergens and prevents them from entering your nose.

This product is based on the principle of electrostatic charge. Opposite charges attract each other. Most allergens have negative electrostatic charge. Allergen Block has a positive electrostatic charge. When these allergens try to enter the nose, the gel present around your nose and upper lip attracts the oppositely charged allergens and prevents them from entering your nose.

What are the Advantages of Allergen Block?

Allergen Block is drug-free as it is water-based. Hence, it has no side effects and it does not cause drowsiness like other over-the-counter drugs. This product is also approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

About the Invention of Allergen Block:

Ashok Wahi, a resident of New Jersey, and a licensed engineer, invented Allergen Block to provide a solution for his daughter, who was suffering from allergies to pet dander. After inventing this product, Ashok teamed up with Paul Ratner, an allergy specialist from San Antonio to test it. It was found to be effective in preventing airborne allergens.

Allergen Block is distributed by Prestige Brands Inc. and this product also has a children’s version. Only time will tell if this product can change the lives of 40 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies.

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