Are You At Risk of Developing Tattoo Allergy?

Tattooing, a popular body decoration, has been around for a long time. While tattooing is a part of culture in some parts of the world, now it has become a style statement. However, the ink used in the tattoos can cause tattoo allergy in some people.

Tattoo Allergy: How is it Caused?

Tattoo allergy is mostly caused due to the red and yellow tattoo inks. Synthetic organic dyes, metals such as nickel, chromium, cobalt are some of the substances used in the tattoo ink. These substances present in the tattoo ink can cause an allergic skin reaction at the site of the tattoo.

Many tattoo outlets use inks which are not safe. In some cases, the tattoo artists are not aware of the ingredients used in the ink. Hence, to prevent tattoo allergy, it is advised to get tattooed only with a tattoo artist who is a licensed practitioner

Sometimes tattoo allergy is also caused due to the latex gloves used by the tattoo artist. If you have latex allergy, the tattoo artist can use non-latex gloves to prevent such allergy

Symptoms of Tattoo Allergy:

Tattoo allergy causes an allergic skin reaction at the site of the tattoo. The skin can become red, itchy, bumpy and sore at the place of the tattoo. There can also be blistering and oozing of serum in severe cases of tattoo allergy
Tattoo allergy may not show up immediately. It may take you few months to years to develop tattoo allergy. In some cases, a person develops tattoo allergy after getting tattooed for the second or third time. Hence, every time you get a tattoo, you should watch for signs of allergic reaction

Treatment of Tattoo Allergy:

Your doctor can recommend you topical ointments, hydrocortisone creams, cold compresses, or antibiotic ointments for the treatment of tattoo allergy. In severe cases, your doctor can recommend a laser tattoo removal
Tattoo allergy is not very common; however it can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Hence, before getting yourself tattooed, consult your doctor and always get tattooed from a licensed practitioner

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  1. Is it common to have swollen red eyes alond with the other allergy symptoms related to the ink of a tattoo?