Allergies May Protect You From Cancer

Most of us may be annoyed with allergies. However, there is good news for allergy sufferers. Allergies may actually protect you from cancer, according to a new study by New York Cornell University.

Researchers from Cornell University, lead by Dr. Paul Sherman, examined about 650 studies in the past 5 decades. They divided these studies into 3 categories namely, allergies and higher cancer rates, allergies and lower cancer rates, no correlation between allergies and cancer. They found out that allergies were associated with lower cancer rates.

What Kind Of Cancers Do Allergies Protect You From?

According to the study, allergies protect you from cancers which only involve the body tissue exposed to the environment. Allergies protect you from cancers such as skin cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer and gastrointestinal track cancer.

Allergies do not protect you from certain cancers such as breast cancer, myeloma, prostate cancer, and myelocytic leukemia. This is because the tissues in these cancers are not environmentally exposed.

Also, certain allergies which involve the environment protect you against cancers. Researchers found out that hay fever, eczema, hives, animal and food allergies were most protective against cancers.

How Can Allergies Protect You From Cancer?

Allergic responses such as coughing, sneezing, diarrhea may expel the carcinogenic agents along with other irritants. Allergens such as pollen, mold, and dust by themselves may not be harmful. However, they may carry harmful toxins, environmental pollutants which may cause cancer. According to Dr. Sherman, this is the reason allergy sufferers have least amount of toxins in their body.

This study also found out that asthma may increase the risk of lung cancer. This may be because, during an asthmatic attack, the antigens are not expelled due to the constriction of the airways. This may increase the risk of lung cancer.

According to Dr. Sherman, this research exploring the relationship between allergies and cancer, is the most comprehensive database yet available. Though allergy sufferers may be blaming their allergies, these allergies may be helping them by warding off cancer.

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