How to Avoid Allergic Reaction to Mascara?

Mascara allergy is a common cosmetic allergy which can result in  tears, itchiness of eyes, and swelling of eyelids etc. Mascara allergy is caused when the immune system mistakenly identifies some of the chemicals in the mascara as harmful and reacts to it. The allergic reaction to mascara is known as allergic contact dermatitis.

Symptoms of Allergic Reaction to Mascara

The symptoms of mascara allergy are as follows:allergic reaction

  • Tears, redness and itchiness of eyes
  • Redness and inflammation of the skin around the eyes
  • Swelling of eyelids

What causes Mascara Allergy?

The following chemicals present in the mascara are mostly responsible for triggering allergies:

  • Preservatives
  • Perfumes
  • Chemical dyes

Hence, for those suffering from mascara allergies, it is recommended to use mascaras which do not contain heavy dyes, perfumes and preservatives.

Tips to Avoid Allergic Reaction to Mascara

Here are a few tips to avoid mascara allergy:

  • Use hypoallergenic mascaras, which are free of fragrances, oils and preservatives. They are less likely to trigger allergies
  • Use a trial and error method by using brands which do not use oil, preservatives and perfumes. In this way, you can find a brand which is suitable for you
  • Use water-based mascaras instead of oil-based mascaras
  • Sometimes, oily make-up removers can trigger allergies. Hence, check if the allergy is caused by the mascara or the remover
  • Make sure the reaction to mascara is not due to an infection

If your allergy is persistent, you can contact your allergist who can conduct patch testing to determine if you have mascara allergy. According to the FDA, most cosmetic allergies are caused due to mascaras, eye creams, and make-up removers. Hence make sure you use the right mascara to avoid allergies.

More information on Mascara Allergy

Allergic reactions to mascara can happen in any part of the body, depending on the individual’s sensitivity. Mascara allergy can cause runny eyes, swollen lids, styes and conjunctivitis. To avoid this, use a non-allergenic brand. Immediately stop using eye makeup products, if you suffer an attack, and contact your doctor.

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