Yulex: The Good News For Those With Latex Allergies

And here the good news!The development of a new product known as Yulex is good news for those with latex allergies as this does not cause any allergic reaction and is as strong as rubber. Yulex has been developed by immunochemists and plant biologists. This new form of rubber is derived from a desert plant known as guayule.

About 3 million Americans and 17% of health care workers have latex allergies. Latex rubber is used in the making of several products such as gloves, balloons, adhesives, catheters etc. As the use of latex increased, the allergies to latex also increased. Latex allergy is caused when the immune system mistakenly identifies certain proteins in latex as harmful and reacts against it. Allergies to latex can cause rashes, teary eyes, itchiness and also life-threatening anaphylactic reaction.

Why is Yulex a Safer Alternative?

Yulex does not contain the proteins which trigger an allergic reaction (as in the case of latex rubber). Yulex is also stronger and more flexible than latex rubber. Hence, it can be made into a variety of products. Already Yulex has received an FDA approval for medical examination gloves.

Yulex is derived from Guayule plant, which is grown in Southwestern United States, North America and Mexico. The cost of Yulex is about the cost of a high-end latex.

For people with latex allergies, they can safely use Yulex as it does not cause allergies. Health care workers and patients alike can prevent a number of allergic reactions with the introduction of this product. The hypoallergenic quality and strenght of Yulex can make it highly popular in the future

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