Vinegar For Allergy Treatment

Apple cider vinegar is used as a home remedy to treat many health problems. The good news is that vinegar can also treat allergies. Vinegar when taken as a tonic every day, can help in reducing pollen, dust, pet dander and food allergies. Taking vinegar after the initial symptoms of allergies can also reduce the allergic reaction.

Apple Cider  Vinegar – Allergy Treatment:

Take  1/8 cup of vinegar in 8 oz in water and mix both of them. Some people also take 1 tablespoon of vinegar in a glass of water and mix it. Drink this solution as a tonic daily. This will help in reducing pollen allergies, pet allergies, food allergies and dust allergies.

You can also drink this solution at the onset of the allergic reaction i.e. when you experience watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing etc. When this  solution is consumed at the initial stages of the allergic reaction – it stops the histamine response of the body and reduces the allergies.

Hence, apple cider vinegar for allergy can be taken as on every day basis or can be taken when you have an allergic reaction. It may take several weeks for you to see the results of decreased allergies after the treatment with vinegar.

For those with allergies, taking up allergy tests such as skin prick tests and blood test is important. After knowing your allergies, you can better be prepared to stay away from its sources. Along with this, allergic individuals should always carry a self-injectable Epinephrine to stop an anaphylactic reaction.

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  1. I tried a tablespoonful of vinegar the other day at the onset of a food related allergic reaction (associated with chronic fatigue syndrome) and to my surprise it worked great. I tried it again today and again great results. I Googled it to see if anyone else had tried it and found this site. I just gulped down a spoon full of distilled vinegar and then drank some water to sooth my throat afterwards. Im gonna try taking it every day for a preventative measure. I hope this simple remedy will help you also.