Food Allergy Rash Treatment

ellergy-skinAbout 12 million Americans suffer from food allergy. A rash is usually the first sign of food allergy. The rash can occur after few minutes after eating the food. Sometimes, it may take few hours for the rash to develop. Food allergy rash can treated with cool compresses, antihistamines or topical creams. Prevention of allergy-causing food is the best way to deal with a food allergy rash.

Symptoms of Food Allergy Rash:

Food allergy rash can be accompanied with hives, itchiness of the skin. Other symptoms such as diarrhea, stomach cramps, abdominal pain and runny nose indicate an allergy.

Although food allergy can be caused by many foods, the most common foods which cause allergies are : Peanut, tree nut, fish, eggs, shellfish, and milk.

Food Allergy Treatment:

Antihistamines can be helpful in treating the food allergy rash. Topical creams, corticosteroids are also helpful in relieving the rash and redness. Applying cool compresses on the rash site can be helpful in relieving the rash.

Elimination Diet for Food Allergy Prevention:

You can follow an elimination diet to detect the foods you are allergic to. For this, you can maintain a food diary and make a note of foods which are causing the rashes. Now, eliminate these foods in your diet and check if your allergy is reduced. You can again re-introduce the foods and check if you develop an allergy. In this way, you can know and prevent food allergy.

You can also consult an allergist and get yourself tested to know your allergies. To avoid food allergies, you can read labels while shopping. Being careful while eating out by inquiring about the ingredients can also be helpful.’>

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