Eczema Allergy

Eczema is the condition in which skin turns red and itchy, irritation is also felt on the skin. Some small bumps filled with fluids are formed which are moist and ooze.

Various forms of Eczema are formed but atopic eczema is the most commonly formed Eczema. It is also known as atopic dermatitis. Skin allergies are known to be the main cause for this condition. The condition of Eczema is considered as hereditary condition which is transferred to the next generation through genes.

Causes Of Eczema Allergy:

The causes of Eczema includes:

  • Overreaction of immune system, which result in some unknown triggers
  • History of allergies in the family. This history do not include asthma. Any other allergy apart form this can transferred in the other generation.
  • Some people are allergic to few products like use of certain soaps, creams, detergents etc. As soon as they come in contact with them the condition of Eczema happens
  • Similarly few people are allergic to different seasons like cold, summer, rains. In that particular season only this condition appears.
  • Excessive stress also can result in this condition.

Symptoms Of Eczema:

The symptoms of Eczema of:

  • Eczema can affect any part of the body and cause itching over there
  • Once itching begins on a part of body it is followed by a rash formation in the same part. Rash are itching is generally present on the face, hands, knees or feet.
  • Dry, thick, scaly skin is noticed usually in the affected part. If the person is fair- skinned then the skin will turn red and will automatically turn brown at some later stage.
  • In infants the rash which is usually itchy will also produce oozing and crusting conditions on the face and scalp
  • Eczema is found in small bumps which are present all over the skin and are red in color. They itch and leave a rash over your skin.

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