How To Alleviate Allergies

Allergy are caused when some dust particles or spores of fungi or pollen grains of flowers enters your body and settles themselves at the nose base or some mucous lining of the body.

These small particles are treated as foreign organisms by the body itself and as a response to them it reacts in the form of runny nose, itching, redness, hive formations etc. These allergic reactions can be prevented if we take few steps . These basic steps are discussed in this article.

Preventive Steps To Alleviate Allergies:

  • Dust particles, spore and pollen etc are easily collected in the mats of your homes. So, it is advisable to wash them in hot water at once in a week’s time. Hot water will destroy all the dust particles settled in the mats.
  • Another way to prevent the entry of dust in your homes is the use of air conditioners. The use of air conditioners in home and cars ensure that the entry of any dust particle is restricted inside your home. This happen s because while cooling they filter the air which discourages the entry of mites and molds in the room or car.
  • Wipe the humid areas using bleach this also prevents the entry of any fungi or dust particle in the house or car.
  • Be careful while working in your garden. It is because the dust particle can enter your enter your body easily while you are working in your garden. So, it is advisable that you cover your mouth and nose while you perform any such activity.
  • Pets can play an important role in bringing dust and fungus easily inside your home as they roam around the garden, road etc. So it is advisable keep your pets isolated in one part of your house only. Do not allow them to enter your bedroom.
  • Use synthetic pillows as they can be washed which can prevent the entry of dust and fungi into your homes.

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