Allergy to Aftershave

After is a fragrance which is used once you have completed with your shaving of your public hairs. Usually, after shaves are used by males after they shave their faces. The allergy of after shave is actually the allergy of fragrance.

Causes Of Allergy to Aftershave:

The cause of after shave allergy includes:

Generally, all the aftershaves are usually made up of chemical derivatives of synthetic compounds . Many of these compounds are prepared from petroleum products. So, smaller the molecule of these products greater will be its capability to dissolve in a fat. It is for the same reason that children and elder persons are likely to get more infected. This happens these people have thin skin as compared to the adults.

Some of the common factors which results in irritation includes – concentration of the solution, The duration for which it si exposed to the skin, the type of skin it is exposed to and part of the skin to which it is exposed.

Choose Natural After Shave:

Natural after shave is considered as the best option as it soothe to all the skin types. This type of after shave is free from alcohol. While choosing a natural after shave there are few things which must be kept in mind. These are:

  • Always go for after shave which is alcohol free
  • Select that alcohol which is fragrance free or have the fragrances from plant based ingredients and essential oils.
  • Try to select those after shaves which do not have animal fat or is tested on animals.

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