What Causes Chronic Allergies And Ill Feeling?

Chronic allergies is a major concern for many people. These are usually caused when the person is exposed to to dust, pollen,etc.for a long time. Some of food items can also result in chronic allergies.

The reason why allergies develop lies in the fact that body treat the granules allergens as the foreign element and as the result of this immune system which protects the body against the invasion of foreign element releases the hormone of histamine in a large quantity to fight with the foreign element in the body.

This histamine results in various symptoms which can prove beneficial for fighting with the foreign element. These symptoms includes watery nose, itching, hive formation on the skin, redness in the eyes, headache, vomiting, sweating, sneezing, coughing, swelling in that part of the body etc.

Cause For Chronic Allergies:

These allergies if are not attended on time can result transform into chronic allergies and ill feeling. Allergies become chronic when the symptoms of allergy prevail even if you are not in contact with that thing for which you are allergic. For example you are allergic to dust so whenever you will enter dusty environment6 you are liable to become allergic. But if your allergy has been transformed into a chronic allergy then those allergy symptoms will still be there even after you are in an air conditioned room.

This prolonged stay of symptoms can give an ill feeling in which you will not find yourself totally fit and you will feel dizziness and irritation while carrying out your activities. Chronic allergies and ill feeling can even result in behavioural change of the person.

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