Can Allergies Result In High White Blood Count?

High White Blood CountAllergies are seen as a response to irritation generated in the presence of some allergic substances like dust, pepper, smoke etc. Sometimes, some food items also can result in allergy. In the presence of some allergic substance, the immune system releases the histamine hormone which results in allergy formation.

It has been seen that the release of this histamine is directly initiated by the white blood cells. It is for the same reason that the count of white blood cells increases whenever you are suffering some kind o0f allergy.

The Reason For An Increase In WBC Count When An Allergy Approaches:

Studies have revealed that allergies have a direct connection to white blood cells. This is because allergies are provoked by an antibody called Immunoglobulin – E which is supposed to be initiated by a type of white blood cells called beta cells. Moreover, allergens have a binding with IgE antibody, which stimulates the mast cells to release histamine.

Thus, release of histamine hormone is directly initiated by white blood cells, and as a result the count of white blood cells automatically increases.

What Does High White Blood Count Indicate:

An increase in the count of white blood cells represents:

  • Some kind of inflammation in the body
  • The body is suffering from some kind of trauma
  • Presence of some allergy
  • Any kind of damage to some tissue
  • Some chronic infection in bone marrow
  • Chronic or acute leukemia
  • Increase in white blood cell count can also be due to excessive exercise

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