Why Do Allergies Make You Tired ?

Allergies Make You TiredAllergies result in runny nose, irritation, itching, hive formations etc. The common cause for an allergy to appear is the presence of dust, pollen spores in the air, etc.

These result in the collection of allergens and irritants at the base of the nostrils which will result in an allergy in some time. It has been seen that if you have an allergy you will feel more tired than your normal working days.

The exact reason for this is not yet known but research reveals that medications taken to prevent allergies can result in tiredness.

Why do Allergies Make You Tired

Studies have proved that the antihistamines taken to balance the excess of histamine in the body have some side effects, and as a result you feel tired. Actually, antihistamines have diphenhydramine which binds the receptors of the specific location in the body thus blocking them. As the result the allergy is controlled.

Although, these antihistamines are very beneficial in curing the allergy, they result in side effects like throat infection and drowsiness and tiredness. Another reason for this fatigue and tiredness can be the constant response of the immune system to allergens, which are treated as foreign elements in the body.

For example, we feel lethargic whenever we suffer from excessive cold. This happens because body’s immune system fights hard to remove those elements which it considers foreign. Thus, the continuous work of the immune system results in allergy-induced exhaustion. As a result of this, a few other symptoms apart from allergies develop, and tiredness and fatigue are some of them.

Treat Allergies to Cure Fatigue and Tiredness

Treat your allergies properly to get rid of your fatigue and tiredness. Find out from your doctor what you are allergic to and avoid them. Keep your residence dry and clean to avoid mold and dust. Give your pets a bath every week. Regularly wash your pillow cases and bedsheets in hot water. Sleep on a recliner to alleviate nasal congestion. Use a saline spray to rinse your nostrils to remove allergens.

Proper Diet is Important

A healthy digestive system is important to keep your immune system efficient. Avoid foods you are allergic to. Drink chamomile tea regularly to reduce muscle pain and fatigue. The following foods fight allergy, so try to include them in your daily menu: fresh vegetables and fruits, cold-water fish, olive oil, canola oil and yogurt.

Exercise is Good for Allergies

Exercising constricts the blood vessels in the nose, opening sinuses and producing more room for air. Start with some gentle yoga postures or tai chi. Include effective routines such as swimming, biking and brisk walking for about half an hour daily.

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