What Food Allergies Cause Under Eye Circles?

Under eye circles is defined as the darkening of the areas around your eyes. This darkening of the circles around the eyes can be due to various reasons and food allergy can be one of them.

Reasons For The Food Allergies Cause for Dark Eye Circles:

Actually allergy from food result in itching in the various parts of your body including your under eyes. This itching will contribute in increasing your dark circles. It is because when your under eyes will itch you will scratch and rub the skin around the eyes. This rubbing and scratching will cause dark circles around your eyes.

Moreover, the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and rubbing and scratching will increase the circulation of the blood in this sensitive part. Since the skin is thin and transparent excessive of blood in this part will appear in dark blue colour which after some time will transform into black.

Herbal Remedies For Under Eye Circles:

Some of the herbal remedies for the under eye circles are:

  • Massage your eyes with almond oil regularly. It will spread out the coagulated blood around your eyes thus reducing the darkness around your eyes.
  • A mixture of tomato and lemon juice if applied on the dark circles will also help in reducing the dark circles.
  • Take two balls of cotton dipped in rose water. Place them on your closed eyes and leave it for half an hour. This will not only relax your eyes but will also help in reducing the darkness around your eyes.

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