How An Allergy Develops?

Allergy is known as a response of the body’s immune system which has entered the body. Although the object is not a infection but the immune system is treating it like a foreign element. As the result the immune system stimulate the white blood cells to fight them.

In the case of allergy the immune system wrongly identifies the allergen as a foreign elements and starts fighting against it. Thus, transforming a defence mechanism which in itself becomes a problem for the body. The forms in which body responses to this allergens includes runny nose, sneezing, fatigue, hive formations, itching in the eyes and nose, headache, nasal congestion etc.

Cause For Allergy Formations:

Every body has a defence mechanism which fights against any foreign element in the body . In this way, it has the ability to prevent the body from various diseases. In case of the allergy, the body wrongly identifies allergens as the foreign element.

Actually, people are allergic to substances like dust, pollen, some food substances. In such cases, whenever they come across any of these the allergens from them come and settle in the nasal part of the body. As soon as they settle themselves the immune system of the body starts tracking them. So, the immune system after tracking recognise them as the foreign element and release white blood cells to counter them.

It is because of this counter mechanism that the symptoms like itching in the eyes and other body parts, runny nose, hive formations, cough, sneezing etc come into existence. So, the counter mechanism itself transform into allergy and becomes a problem for it.

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