Can Bartonella Cause Asthama And Allergy Like Symptoms?

Bartonella is a virus which causes irritation in the nasal tract. Bartonelosis or Carron’s disease results in the symptoms of nausea and hay fever. This disease is transmitted with the help of mosquito etc and develops in the skin of the human body.

As the result of this, hive formation and itching takes place on the skin. The nausea results in irritation which can be prolonged due several other reasons and slowly and steadily result in asthma like conditions.

Causes Of Asthma:

The causes of asthma are generally inherited. The patients who are suffering from asthma are likely to transfer the same to their off springs. Apart from this some other conditions in which the person can develop asthma includes:

  • Changes in the lifestyle pattern like diet, more hygienic environment in your home, changes in housing can contribute to the development of asthma.
  • Smoking during the pregnancy period can lead to the development of the asthma in the developing child.
  • Environmental pollution can develop asthma
  • Irritants present in the work place can result in asthma

Can Allergy Result In Asthma:

Yes, any kind of allergy if prolonged for a longer time can convert into asthma. This one common means which develops asthma very easily. If a person is exposed to pollution for a longer duration it results in allergy. This allergy if continues to be for a longer duration of time results in Asthma in a slow and gradual manner.

Allergy is considered as a step for asthma. In case the person has an asthmatic background and presently exposed to allergic environment too then in such a case, the condition can become worse for him. So, it is expected that such person should take adequate steps to tackle allergy otherwise it can result in severe conditions.

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