How Long Can Food Allergy Symptoms Stay In Body?

The duration of the food allergy in the body depends upon what kind of allergy has entered your body. There are varieties of food allergy. Some allergy enter suddenly, grow suddenly and fade away suddenly. There some other allergies which enter slowly and takes time to fade away fade away. Some other type of allergies appear suddenly and become very serious and if not treated properly it can even take away the life too.

Duration Of Food Allergy Symptoms In The Body:

The duration of the food allergy symptoms can vary on the type of allergy your body is facing. Actually, the food allergy is caused with any food item. There are few food items which cause nearly 90% of the food allergy. These includes peanuts, eggs, milk, shell fish, soy, wheat, tee nuts and fish. Usually the allergies caused by the foods are very mild and hence they can be treated easily but at times it can be life threatening too.

Sometimes the allergy develops very fast for instance with few minutes or hours after you have eaten the food which you are allergic to. Such allergy will show tingling sensation. Itching in the mouth and tongue, swelling can also be there in your mouth and tongue, wheezing will be noticed. Hive formation can be there but can disappear soon.

In this condition if proper treatment is done the symptoms can disappear quickly. Sometimes the symptoms takes a longer time to appear. In such conditions, the treatment also takes it time to happen. In Case the symptoms of Anaphylaxis appear then it can be a dangerous situation which takes time to cure and it might be life threatening too.

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