How Can A Person Develops Allergy?

Allergy RashesAllergies are considered to be a disorder of the immune system. It is because these are caused as the immune system wrongly identifies few allergens as the foreign element.

As the result of this it starts preparing the body to fight against it. This activity of the immune system results in the development of the allergy.

How Does A Person Becomes Allergic?

Usually allergies are hereditary. So, in case either of your parents is allergic to a particular season of food item or something else then there are huge chances that you can also become allergic to that particular thing in your life. If not now then at some later stage of your life.

The process of allergy development takes place in the following way:

  • The allergens are either inhaled or ingested or they enter the body through the porous skin of your body. Once this happens the body gets an alarm, which cautions the Immunoglobulin E (IgE) present in the body. This IgE produces antibodies to fight against the respective allergens which have invaded the body. The allergic reaction taking place in the body depends upon the subsequent exposure of the allergen to the antibodies.
  • The effect of allergy vary from individual to individual. It depends upon the exposure of the allergen to the antibody and also on the capability of the body to react to the allergen which has entered the body. Allergy can infect anyone irrespective of the sex, age and gender. Children are more prone to allergy. It is because their immune is not strong enough to bear even the weak allergens too.

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