Enlarged Adenoids Allergy Symptoms

Adenoids are the glandular tissues which are associated with the immune system. These tissues are found on the upper part at the back of the nasal cavity. The function of the adenoids is to capture the virus and bacteria which comes down with the breathing air through the nose.

Thus, adenoids play a major role in protecting the body from the various infections. These adenoids have antibodies and cells of the immune system which protect them from the lung and throat infections.

Whenever some infection attacks them they get enlarged and swollen up. Sometimes, allergies also result in their swelling. The swelling in adenoids is commonly found in children. There are various symptoms which can indicate the presence of allergies in the adenoids like breathing problems, snoring etc.

Symptoms Of Enlarged Adenoids Allergy:

There are various symptoms which can indicate the presence of enlarged adenoids. These include:

  • Snoring at night is usually caused due to some breathing issue, but it can be a symptom for enlarged adenoids. Actually, breathing issue and enlarged adenoids are interrelated. This is because enlarged adenoids hinders the smooth process of breathing which ultimately results in snoring in the night.
  • The child suffering from enlarged adenoids breathes usually through his or her mouth. This happens because breathing through nose would either be noisy or it might be quiet difficult. So, smooth process of breathing through nose would become greatly difficult.
  • The swelling in the adenoids blocks the Eustachian tube. This tube is basically a connection between the nose and ear. It allows the air to move into the middle air. In case it gets blocked, then it results in formation of ‘ Glue Ear’.

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