Brewer’s Yeast Allergy Symptoms

Yeast Allergy SymptomsBrewer’s yeast is a kind of fungus which is called as Saccharoymyces cerevisiae. This fungus belongs to the family of Saccharomysetaceae family. Brewer’s yeast is made of grains and hops used for brewing purposes. Brewer’s yeast is a nutritious fungus which carries a plenty of vitamins, minerals and protein in it.

As Brewer’s yeast carries a bitter taste in it so it is used for making alcohol and beer beverages. Some of the individuals show allergic response to brewers yeast and find themselves allergic soon after consuming alcoholic beverages.

Those people who are allergic to Brewer’s yeast must also be allergic to some Vitamin B supplements for the same reason that it also has Brewer’s yeast as one of its constituent. The following article discusses about the brewer’s yeast allergy symptoms noticed in those who are allergic to brewer’s yeast.

Symptoms Related To Brewer’s Yeast Allergy

The symptoms which are related to Brewer’s Yeast allergy include:


The people who suffer from Brewer’s yeast allergy feel a drop in their blood sugar and an increase in mineral chromium levels. The decrease in blood sugar level and an increase in the level of mineral chromium both result in excessive tiredness in any human being.

Itchy Skin

Actually, those people who are allergic to alcoholic beverages may suffer from itchy skin once after taking it. In case you are severely allergic you might develop red spots or hives all over your skin.


Migraines are the result of too much of blood flow in the brain. As the alcohol results in thinning of the blood, this initiates excessive flow of blood in the brain which results in Migraine.

Nasal Congestion

Actually, intake of alcohol triggers the body to release histamines in the body. On the other hand, alcoholic beverages already have too much of histamine content in it. So, body faces excessive of the histamine content in the body which usually causes nasal congestion. If the person is allergic is Brewer’s yeast then he might suffer from excessive congestion some times.

Stomach Irritation

Overconsumption of alcohol causes stomach irritation and drinking very little amounts also causes nauseated, bloated and gassy feeling.

Genetic Symptoms

Asian ethnic groups are more likely to suffer from brewer’s allergy symptoms. If you are of Asiatic descent and are suffering from increased heart beat, drop in blood pressure or flushing after drinking alcoholic beverages, it is clear that you have allergy to brewer’s yeast which is caused by genetics.

These are the symptoms of brewer’s yeast allergy.

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