Gelatin Allergy

Gelatin is a nearly tasteless, colorless and translucent solid substance. Gelatin comes from collagen, a structural protein, of animal bones and skin.

Gelatin finds wide usage in a variety of foods, cosmetics and prescription drugs. That is why people have to be very watchful when they buy various products. Gelatin allergy leads to devastating symptoms.

Major Symptoms of Gelatin Allergy

The major systematic manifestations of gelatin allergy include the following:


Hives are red-colored bumps on the skin. Generally hives do not result in dangerous outcomes. But, they cause severe itching and sometimes even rashes and burns. When bumps increase, they form a layer over of the skin resulting in dermal plaques. The hives are caused when certain food substances containing gelatin are taken. Apart from this, hives also result due to vaccinations that are made up of gelatin, such as MMR.

Anaphylaxis and Urticaria reactions

Anaphylaxis is an extreme whole body allergic reaction. It is caused by the immune system of the body against the gelatin-containing vaccination. Anaphylaxis reaction leads to the swelling of the throat and face almost immediately. The swelling leads to blocking of the airways. This results in difficulty in breathing.

However anaphylaxis due to gelatin allergy is rare.

According to a recent scientific study, most of the anaphylactic reactions and some skin reactions to gelatin – including measles, mumps and rubella monovalent vaccines are associated with IgE-mediated gelatin allergy.

The scientific reports till now also suggest that the gelatin-containing DTaP vaccine may have a causal relationship to the development of this gelatin allergy.

Other Symptoms of Gelatin Allergy

Other symptoms of gelatin allergy include the following:

  • Runny nose
  • Low blood pressure

More Symptoms of Gelatin Allergy

Vaccine Allergy Symptoms

These symptoms can occur quickly after the vaccine is administered. Prominent reactions include lightheadedness, a runny nose, low blood pressure and hives.

Weight Loss

If an individual’s gelatin allergy goes unchecked, it can result in nutritional deficiencies and weight loss.

Mouth Symptoms

The lips and mouth may experience a tingling feeling and may also become swollen.

Difficulty Swallowing and Breathing

The throat may constrict and swell, which would block the airways. This causes breathing difficulties and may be even an anaphylactic shock.


Other symptoms include stomach ailments and nausea.

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