Egg Plant Allergy

Egg plant is often called poor man’s meat because it has lot of nutrients. It is also Called aubergine or brinjal. It is one of the most popular ingredients of most of the vegetable diet.

It belongs to the nightshade family. If a person reacts to other members of the family such as tomatoes then obviously the man will react to brinjal as well. Normally it doe not lead to any food allergy on its own . But IgE antibodies are implicated in various anaphylaxis reactions that occur due to consumption of egg plant. An Epi pen may be prescribed in emergency cases.

Symptoms of Allergy

Usually the following allergic reactions are noticed in the persons who have consumed food cooked with egg plant.Egg Plant Allergy

The oral allergy which includes the following symptoms.

  • Itching of mouth
  • Itching of lips
  • Swelling of lips
  • Itching of throat
  • Red skin rash in the toddlers

The above allergic symptoms will be more in seasonal time due to ragweed allergens in the air.

Relief from Egg Plant Allergy Symptoms

The following measures are recommended for relief from Egg plant allergy:

  • In case of light allergic reactions antihistamine medication such as benedryl is used.
  • Drinking adequate milk and water soothes your itchy throat.
  • In case of rare emergency ambulance is called for.

Prevention of Egg Plant Allergy

Luckily egg plant items are not hidden in the foods as it happens in case of peanuts. So it is easy to avoid them.

The only way to avoid protecting yourself from symptoms related to egg plant is to avoid eating foodstuffs containing egg plants.

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