Latex Condoms Related Allergy

Latex is the material derived form the sap of the rubber tree. Latex is used in the manufacture of a wide range of products. One such product is the contraceptive. Most male condoms and the diaphragm are made of latex. Many female condoms are also made of latex.

What are the Most Prominent Allergic Symptoms of of Latex Condoms?

The following are the most prominent allergic symptoms that generated due to the use of latex condoms:

  • Penile itching and swelling
  • Vaginal itching and swelling (Veginitis)
  • Rectal itching and swelling

The person in whom the above symptoms are constantly noticed is diagnosed as to be suffering from latex sensitivity and advised to approach his/her doctor immediately before the symptoms worsen.

Are There Alternative Condoms that one can use if One is Allergic to Latex?

Several types of alternative measures of contraceptives are available for person who suffer from latex sensitivity. The following are the various alternatives that are available for preventing latex condom allergies:
The persons who are allergic to the latex condoms are advices to opt for polyurethane male or female condoms
Lambskin condoms (made from the intestinal lining of lambs) do not contain latex. Unfortunately these condoms though useful for avoiding unwanted pregnancy can not provide adequate barrier against sexual transmitted diseases.

What are the Advantages of Polyurethane Male and Female Condoms ?

Researchers found that Polyurethane condoms are found be highly effective against the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. However more trials need to carried out in this regard to generate further data.

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