sunflower Allergy

The seeds of sunflower ripen from September to October. The seeds are angular and grow up to 6 mm long. These are spirally arranged and densely packed in the flat, terminal head. The size of the seed is variable . They are single coloured and striped. Some of the sun flower plants escape from cultivation and occur on roadsides and wastelands.

The whole seeds are used in various food item such as breads. These seeds are also used widely for garnishing bakery products. Apart form this the seeds are also used as livestock, bird, and poultry feed. The edible oil extracted from sunflower is a vital interdental in day to day cooking.

Possible Allergens from Sun Flower

In a recent scientific study anaphylactic reactions ( whole body allergic reaction leading to rashes and itching ) have been reported. These reaction were elicited among the subjects after injecting the sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, and honey containing sunflower pollen. The study identified a protein, 2S methionine-rich sunflower seed albumin (SSA), as the actual allergen contained in the sunflower seeds.

Apart form this the lipids, Sesquiterpene lactones that occur in the glandular hairs of sunflower are also found to be responsible for allergy caused by sunflower seeds.

The Symptoms of Sunflower Allergy

The symptoms of sunflower allergy are no different from allergenic symptoms caused by other allergens. The prominent symptoms include the following:

  • Runny nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Itchi eyes
  • Sore eyes
  • Red eyes

Treatment for Sunflower Allergy

The treatment options include the following options:

  • Avoid contact with the allergen
  • Take adrenalin injection of anaphylaxis reaction occurs
  • Antihistamine to keep in check the secreted histamine
  • Use bronchodilators for countering the asthmatic symptoms

One Final Advise

For either taking treatment or changing the nature and course of treatment strict medical supervision is mandatory.

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