Medical Management of Eczema

Eczema is not curable. There is however symptomatic remedy for eczema. While its progress can not be curtailed, treatment can be provided for symptoms such as itching and also rashes.

Medication for Eczema

The following drugs are recommended for medically managing the symptoms of eczema.

Normally, topical corticosteroid ointment is recommended by the dermatologist or general physician for treating atopic eczema.

Oral antihistamine is also given for offering relief from itching.

In case of severe symptoms even oral corticosteroids are recommended.

Allergy shots are strictly avoided for people affected by eczema because it aggravates the symptoms of eczema.

Prevention and Management of Eczema

The following preventive measures are recommended for people affected by eczema:

Stop using hard soaps, detergents and lotions.

Do not let your skin get very dry. Avoid long showers and baths. These dry your skin the most. Dot not use hot water. Using hot water also dries the skin.

Just dab your skin gently after the bath. Never rub it vigorously as it is done by most people. Rubbing the skin dries it rapidly.

Use hypoallergic soaps.

Apply a hypoallergic moisturiser before and after the bath, especially when you take bath with chlorinated water.

Use the hypoallergic moisturiser both prior to and after swimming-especially in a public pool- for chlorine dries out the skin rapidly.

Wear loose cotton clothes

Never rub the skin as a measure of minimising the itching sensation.

Cold weather greatly accelerates the process of drying. So wear adequate protective clothing in cold weather.

Always maintain moderate levels of humidity in your room.

Maintaining proper humidity is more important during cold whether when the heat is turned on.

Never expose yourselves and humid conditions. As far as possible avoid excessive sweating. Profuse sweating irritates the skin a great deal.

Apply cold water compressors for providing relief from itching and inflammation.

Never expose affected skin to the sun for long. Overexposure to the sun results in sunburns that may aggravate rashes, worsening the condition further.

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