Fish Oil Allergy

Long ago it was discovered that omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil is helpful in preventing heart attacks and high blood pressure. Recommendations of fish oil are mostly based on the studies conducted by Mayo Clinic. Few decades ago fish oil was reported to be quite effective in the treatment of the lesser known diseases called IgA Nephropathy. But the later studies contradicted these findings. So there is still a controversy going on in this regard. However fish oil is not prescribed to treat another sever renal condition known as Proteinuria (presence of serum proteins in urine).

One of the most vital application of the fish oil is in the reduction of body triglyceride.

Still there is lot of ambiguity regrading the source and nature of fish oil allergy. It is not known whether this allergy is due to the fish oil or due to the gelatine capsules they come in. It may cause excessive bleeding in people taking blood thinners. People in whom there is high and uncontrolled blood pressure shall not take fish oil capsules. It may lead to fatal haemorrhage.

Fish Oil and NSAIDS:

The fish oil enhances the actions of non steroid anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). If it is consumed along with Aspirin, the anti platelet action of Aspirin is enhanced. Never take fish oil together with aspirin.


Large dose of Fish oil acts as immunosuppressant. If one is already suffering with immune system deficiency or suppression one is not advised to take fish oil.

Pregnancy Side Effects:

While there is no human evidence in this regard, animal studies though reveal that the fish oil might result in difficult labours and an increase in blood loss during labour.

Rashes, indigestion, diarrhoea, increased cholesterol are other important side effects of fish oil intake.

Consult your nephrologist and follow his/her advice before taking fish oil.

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